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What a Difference a Day Makes

The EIA team heads out to Guitamba, near the community of Bahati, every month to hold a one-day medical clinic. You might think, "One day? Can that really make a difference?" The answer is yes! The clinic opened in 2018. Now, approximately 160 patients come each month, and there has been a noticeable improvement in the community's overall health.

A team of nurses volunteer alongside the EIA team to assess each patient's condition, develop treatment plans, and distribute medications.

Additionally, local pastors are on hand to counsel, comfort, and share God's Word with all. This whole-person approach to medical care is what makes this a special place. People experience an incredible time of connection there.

We are thankful that so many people now have access to consistent healthcare. But with its mobile nurse force and EIA staff running the clinic, this is a temporary fix. Please pray with us as we work toward a long-term solution to provide ongoing medical care for this rural community.


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