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Thanks for Building Hope

The Build Hope Dinner was a phenomenal experience this year. You came, invited friends, and filled the room with love and laughter. You took a journey into the life of one of four of our beneficiaries and saw with greater clarity how the work of Expansion transforms individuals and communities. Here is what a few of you who attended the event had to say.

"I knew about E.I., but now I know the heart behind all you guys do and it's so good." - Holly

"I had never been before. It was great! I loved the performers and hearing them speak and sing in their native language." - Steve

"It was one of the nicest galas I've ever been to." - Vicki

Our desire was to share the Heart of Expansion in a deeper way than ever before, and you responded. Your compassionate giving and commitment to continue lifting others into opportunity through this work was just incredible. Thank you to all who came to the event. You are the heart of Expansion.


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