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Meet Our Team

US Office Staff

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Lauren Phillips

Executive Director, USA

Lauren developed a love for cross-cultural missions during a three-month YWAM Crossroads course in 1991 after her 1st husband passed. Since that time, she has helped inspire others to fall in love with serving the poor in Jesus’ name. “I’ll go wherever He sends me because my life is simply not my own. What a joy it is to live for Jesus!”


Lauren enjoys life in Boise, Idaho, with her six children and seven “grandbeauties.” She loves God, her church, the outdoors, riding bikes around town, and sharing life with friends. 

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Megan Hill

Donor Relations Manager

Megan joined the Expansion International team after hearing about the amazing work being done in education and youth empowerment in Kenya. As a former elementary school teacher, her passion for accessible education led to her role in Donor Relations. She is inspired by what God is doing through Expansion, and eager to form new partnerships that expand the ministry.


Megan graduated from Grand Canyon University, has taught in private and public schools, and has mentored high school students with Young Life. She loves being deeply relational and hearing testimonies of God’s goodness!

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Morgan Larsen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Morgan is deeply passionate for the Lord and His people. From a young age, even before she knew the Lord, it was her heart to make people feel seen and encouraged. And while she studied and had a career in marketing operations, the Lord had other plans. 


At age 26, Morgan met the Lord, and everything changed. She would go to bible college and end up in ministry for several years. During that time, she went to Africa on a mission trip, where she saw first-hand the heartbreaking effects of poverty. Fast forward to November 2022, Morgan would get brought onto the Expansion team. She was ecstatic to bring her corporate, ministry, and design skills to the table while doing it for a cause so close to her heart. 

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Veronica Luckey

Programs Coordinator

Veronica's lifelong passion for teaching and serving began with her journey into elementary school classrooms after receiving her bachelor's degree in education. With an ever-growing heart for helping communities in need, she found ways to connect through traveling and volunteering, and enjoyed sharing the Light of Jesus wherever she was led. Veronica was consistently reminded of the world's need for Christ and continued pursuing her calling found in Romans 12:10 that encourages her to "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." 


After her recent move to Idaho to be closer to family, Veronica was ecstatic to learn about a new opportunity at Expansion International where she would be surrounded by others with similar passions and heart values. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, cooking with family, and playing with her puppy. 

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Bronte Klebold-Chew

Social Media Manager

Bronte's lifelong love for photography and videography led her to a career in social media. She is passionate about using social media to create engaging, educational, and inspiring content that matters and makes a difference in the world. Having a degree in psychology, her passion for seeing people live healthy and whole runs deep, which is what drew her to the work of Expansion International. She loves connecting with people and hearing their stories of growth and hope. 


Bronte spends her free time with her partner Ryan, family and friends. She loves reading, doing arts and crafts, and all animals.

US Board of Directors



President, USA & Kenya

Dr Evans Baiya is the visionary and founder of Expansion International. He has been involved with serving others in Kenya since his home church, first sent him in 2002.  He lead the development of Expansion International into what it is today. Dr. Evans Baiya is a technology and innovation strategist with over fifteen years of experience. He holds a doctor of philosophy in engineering and technology development, a master of business administration, and has completed postgraduate studies in chemistry, electrical engineering, and business strategy and intellectual property with Harvard Business School, Harvard University.

Dr Baiya spends his time working in the USA with clients and with several businesses in Kenya where his family is now residing.



Vice President, USA; Treasurer, Kenya;

Arlene has been working in Kenya since her first trip there in 2003 and is one of the original founders of Expansion International. She has been key in the organization's development over the years. Arlene was the acting Executive Director for the first ten years of the organization. In 2018 she became the Vice President of the US Board of Directors. Arlene is also the treasurer of Expansion International, Africa.

Arlene splits her time between Boise, Idaho and Scottsdale, Arizona where she spends time with her sons and their families.



 Medical Director, USA; Secretary, USA

Marietta’s first mission trip to Kenya was with Capital Church and Genesis World Mission in 2003. She then joined the Kenya Coalition for Christ to help facilitate continued mission work in Kenya. In 2008, when God gave the vision of Expansion International to E.I.’s president, Evans Baiya, Marietta was asked to join as a board member. Now, as Missions Director, Marietta loves helping others go and experience first-hand what God is doing in Kenya.


Marietta and her husband, Charley, have been married for over 42 years and are blessed with two children, a great son-in-law, and two wonderful grandsons. She loves to travel and visit with family and friends in her spare time. She is a medical doctor specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

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Director of Education, USA

Jeanette has been involved with Expansion since she I heard about it from her sister Marietta who told her how God was bringing light and salvation to the dark, oppressed area of Kirasha and the Kieni people. “Many of my family members had been on trips with this wonderful ministry from the very beginning and I finally went in 2006. I love seeing how people’s lives in team members, my family, my church, and in Kenya are being impacted by this ministry.”

“I have loved being a member of the board and watching God guide and then provide in only ways He can do!  God has taught me to trust His faithfulness even when things seem impossible.”



Board Member, USA

Pam’s experience with Expansion International began with her first mission trip in 2014, leaving a lasting impact and fueling hours spent volunteering in the Boise office.  “I felt the Lord directing my path in such a way as to bring glory to Him and to spread Christ’s love around the globe.”

As an E.I. board member, Pam contributes a wealth of experience and wisdom to our team. She has served on St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital advisory board and the board of the Children’s Home of Idaho. She also served four years active and five years reserve duty in the US Army and attended Boise State University as a history major. Pam and her husband, Todd, have three grown children whom they thoroughly enjoy and feel tremendously blessed by.

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Board Member, USA

Colleen, a family physician, learned about E.I. in 2010 through doctors Marietta Thompson and David Gee. “When they spoke of the work God was doing in Kenya, I knew I wanted to go and see myself. What I found was that the ministry of E.I. is completely Spirit-led and is transforming lives both in Kenya and in the United States. The partnerships that have formed are amazing – bringing together the gifts of God’s family from around the world to meet the needs of others.”


Colleen joined the board in the fall of 2017. Since then, she has become an integral part. Colleen and her husband, Chris, live and work in Spokane where they enjoy their son and the great outdoors.



Board Member, USA

In 2011, Rob, a Battalion Chief with the Eagle Fire Department and lobbyist for the Professional Firefighters of Idaho, met a physician that had gone with E.I. on a trip who shared her experience with him. Rob’s interest was ignited. “I’d wanted to go on a mission trip and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity. The call that God put on my heart to choose Kenya was nothing more than a strong desire inside – so I went.” 


Knowing Rob’s passion for the eternal impact of the work of E.I., the board asked him to join at the end of 2018. We are excited for all he brings to the table. Rob has been married for 18 years and has four lovely daughters. Rob also enjoys fishing and is passionate about working with fire departments on union issues like firefighter’s health and safety. 


Anika Phillips

Missions Director, Board Member, USA

Anika, a registered nurse, had the Expansion International seed planted In 2015 when a new coworker told her about serving on medical missions in Kenya. “I could never have dreamed this big! Jesus chose me to be his hands and feet?!” After joining her first trip in 2016, she was hooked. “I absolutely love witnessing what Jesus does between and through us. There is such a beautiful partnership with the communities that EI walks beside. The US team transforms just as much as the Kenyan communities. It is my absolute privilege to witness.” 


Anika loves spending time at the farm that she grew up on with her family and friends, gardening, and traveling. Her favorite time talking with Jesus is while finding shells on the beach, listening to the waves, and being still. She loves that she has had her two boys and momma (Shosho) join her on mission trips with EI. God is oh so good!

Kenya Office Staff


 Executive Director EIA & Secretary EIA , Kenya

Mrs. Edith Njenga and her husband, Harun, were both heavily involved in the formative years of E.I.'s ministry and have been key in the organization's development into what it is today.


Edith hosts our many mission teams and brings our High School education program (along with many other programs) to rural Kenya.  She managed the start-up and administration of the Ndumberi medical clinic before joining as the Executive Director of Expansion International, Africa. Edith has a heart to serve. She serves in the Ndumberi board as a director for the Ndumberi clinic and as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Expansion International Africa. She has an undergraduate degree in Community Development and Psychology and her experience in accounting and administration have been instrumental in this work.


Edith loves Jesus and she loves working in the various communities throughout Kenya. At the time of this writing, she and her husband, Harun, have been married for 36 years and they have three children and five grandchildren whom they adore and love spending time with.

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TUYEP Youth Development Coordinator Subukia, Kenya

Esther Kabeeria is an advocate of inspiring and empowering, children and youth. She joined Expansion International Africa through the Internship Program and was exposed to different programs including Children Development and Health Intervention. Esther later took up the Youth Development Coordinator’s role in E.I.'s Tujijenge Youth Empowerment Program (TUYEP) in Subukia.

Esther believes that young people are assets and change agents of the community and the country. She is a trained early childhood educator, a social worker, and a community development expert. Serving the beneficiaries of TUYEP is something she greatly enjoys doing.

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Economic Programs Coordinator EIA, Kenya

John joined Expansion International Africa in the year 2022 in the capacity of the Projects Coordinator. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics & Sociology) from Kenyatta University.

John is passionate about developing the socio-economic welfare of communities through an inclusive, meaningful, and effective capacity-building approach. We are excited to have him as part of our team.



Education Program Coordinator EIA, Kenya

Rose joined Expansion International Africa in 2021 under our internship program and has loved and enjoyed every second of it. We are so happy she is a part of our team. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Community Development, loves Jesus, and enjoys serving people.


"My passion and dream has always been to work with communities and to be a part of bringing positive change. I for sure can say that Expansion International Africa has enabled me to realize and achieve my dream as well as gain experience in different fields."



Community Facilitator EIA, Kenya

Brian Sifuna is currently an intern at Expansion International Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development and has a love for Jesus, his Lord and Savior.


"As a change agent, I have always had a heart for the needy and the marginalized in the community to see to it that they have a place and a say in society. My zeal to understand people has always motivated and driven me to provide the best possible assistance and social support needed for their transformation."

Kenya Board of Directors
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Board Member, Kenya

Dr. Peter Kimemia from Kenya has been intimately involved with Expansion International and its founders since the very beginning. He is an electrical engineer, has a PhD in Entrepreneurship and currently works as a Director at Kenya Power.


Our dear friend has been on the board of Expansion International Africa since they were established as a non-profit in 2012. Dr. Kimemia has been a great friend and help to this organization every step of our shared journey together.



Board Member, Kenya

Simon Karimi joined the Expansion International, Africa Board of Directors in 2014 and is helping develop our Economic programs in Kenya. He has an undergraduate degree in Agriculture and a Masters in Entrepreneurship.


Simon is currently working on his PhD and works in Micro-finance. He has had a passion for community development for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge, care, and experience to the communities we serve.



Board Member, Kenya

Peris is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. She serves as the Secretary of Kenya Orthopaedic Association and Sports Medicine Society of Kenya. She is currently based at Thika Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County, Kenya.


Peris is a born again Christian dedicated to sharing her faith through both her career and community development. She has a special interest in training, mentoring, and conducting community outreaches as a way to empower and give back. We are excited to welcome her to our Board.

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