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Education Changes Everything

Education gives hope and direction and keeps children from living on the streets. We believe all children should have the opportunity to receive an education.


Expansion International provides education sponsorships and leadership training for Kenyan students. We also invest in schools and training centers in the communities where we work.

What We Do





We want to see people set free from poverty, lifted to opportunity, and transformed by the

Education assistance greatly impacts a young person's life. Many Kenyan children cannot attend school because of the financial burden. High school sponsorship helps cover the cost of supplies, uniforms, meals, lodging, and more that are required for students to attend school. Sponsoring a student provides them with hope for their future and helps them break free from a cycle of poverty.

TUYEP was developed to bridge the gap between high school graduation and pursuing higher education in Kenya. It is a six-month program designed to equip young adults with the skills and knowledge to achieve their greatest potential by building a sustainable livelihood and contributing to their communities.

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Every time our Kenyan community partners provide a sponsorship for a  teen, the 2 Mustard Seeds Program matches that sponsorship enabling twice as many kids to continue their education through high school.

Support the 2 Mustard Seeds program by donating to or shopping at our annual resale event.

Who We Impact

I had no hope of going to high school but through you, I will be able to achieve my goals in life. If not for you, I would not have been educated the way I am. I thank you for your help.

Ann, Sponsored Student

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