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Thank You From Bishop Samuel

Without YOU we could not have done it!

Bishop Samuel Gitahi Muriu is the lead pastor of the PEFA church in Magumu. He has been ministering alongside us since the very beginning. Bishop Samuel remembers when he first saw the need for quality healthcare when he was working as a volunteer in one of our very first temporary medical camps in the area.

“Tribal clashes forced people to move from the Rift Valley to this area. We started giving them food and clothing. After that, we found that we needed to have medical camps because the nearest hospital was around 30 kilometers away.”

Since that time, Bishop Samuel had been praying for a medical clinic to be established in the area. He was overjoyed to see the day when the Mercy Medical Clinic in Magumu first opened its doors November 2nd of 2019. Bishop Samuel recognizes the hand of God over this project and the many people who came together to make his prayer a reality. He also recognizes YOU! 

“We could not have done it without you. We are so happy and we thank you and we thank God!”

We join with Bishop Samuel to thank you for being a part of this work. You are truly making a difference by providing medical care for thousands of people for generations to come.


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