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Student Leadership Conference

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The 2019 Student Leadership Conference

Each year Expansion International hosts an annual three-day conference in Kenya inviting every student in our sponsorship program to attend. The High School Student Leadership Conference is the highlight of the year for many of our students. It includes sessions with guest speakers, workshops, times of devotion and worship, and fun outdoor activities.

Spending time away with the Lord can be life changing for young people. Apart from worries and cares, it provides an experience that allows them to grow in their faith and head back into life feeling encouraged and equipped. Previously, we have hosted small mission teams of U.S. high school students from Cole Valley Christian High School at our conferences. These teams help coordinate events, participate in workshops, and engage with the Kenyan students. They share their personal stories and join in teaching and learning worship songs.

The conference is a time where students are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity God gives them and to pursue with determination the dreams and goals that He has planted in them. They are challenged to know who they are in Christ and to freely and joyously use all of their talents and resources for God’s purposes. This event is very impactful. Some of the attendees have come to salvation during the conference and many more have

told us of how they have grown in their faith due to the teachings they received.

The 2020 Virtual Student Conference in August

We were unable to travel to Kenya in 2020 to attend the annual Student Leadership Conference and Kenya had strict in-country travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Despite this, it didn't stop the E.I.A. team from finding a way to connect with the students in our Education Sponsorship program.

E.I.A., held two virtual student conferences, one in August and one in December. This was a powerful time for the students to come together and be encouraged from the Word of God and the teachings of wise leaders. Students reported that they learned a lot, felt spiritually nourished, and were encouraged to face challenges. We are excited to see how this new capability of virtual conferences opens the door for our students in the future and we thank God for the opportunity to connect with the students even amongst the pandemic.

If you would like to support our next student conference, you can do so at the link below.



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