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Serving the Most Vulnerable

Dr. Peris Performs a Procedure for a Child at Hosanna

Hosanna Children's Home, located in Githunguri, Kenya was originally started as a way to provide shelter for children living on the streets. Many children who live there are orphans due to AIDS, others have been removed from abusive homes, and many were found abandoned in the local town. These children are amongst some of the most vulnerable in that area.

Some of them have loving parents who are just not able to afford to take care of them. Hosanna provides them a loving environment where they receive good meals and have the opportunity to attend school. E.I. has partnered with Hosanna Children's Home for about seven years supporting them with emergency funds, high school sponsorships, and even hosting medical missions and VBS ministries at their facility.

Recently, a member of our Board of Directors in Kenya, Dr. Peris Waithiru, who is an esteemed orthopedic surgeon, recently volunteered her services to perform a procedure on a child from Hosanna Children’s Home.

The procedure took place at the Ndumberi Mercy Medical Center, where Dr. Peris was able to help a boy with an issue he was having from an outgrowth of fingers and toes. We are thankful to have incredible people on our team like Dr. Peris, who so generously gave of her time to help a vulnerable child from one of our communities, the Hosanna Children’s Home.

The director of Expansion International Africa, Mrs. Edith Njenga says, “We thank God for this and look forward to John's full recovery.”


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