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Requesting Prayer for Kenya During Elections

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

President Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Odinga. Photo: Nation Media Group

Kenya has held general elections every five years since gaining independence in 1963. This Tuesday, Kenyans will once again head to the polls to cast their votes and determine their nation’s leaders and future president. 

Incumbent President, Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s very first President, Jomo Kenyata, is vying for a second term this election. Although seven other candidates are running against Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, a long time opposition leader is said to be the one to watch. 

As Kenya moves forward in the democratic process, we must keep them in prayer. Just last week, the man set to oversee Kenya’s electronic voting system was found murdered. Kenya has a history of post-election protests that have quickly turned into political unrest and violence. The last post-election clashes occurred in 2007 amid accusations of vote rigging when Raila Odinga lost to Kenya’s 3rd President, Mwai Kibaki. The backlash at that time included the destruction of property and violence, as neighbors attacked one another in ethnic clashes.

This election will be Odinga’s 4th attempt at the presidency. He contested the results of the last presidential election against Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 when Kenyatta won by a very narrow margin. At that time, Odinga claimed voter fraud and suspected illegal activity surrounding the elections. Odinga continues to accuse his opponent of criminal activity during the current campaign, while Kenyatta denies any wrongdoing and accuses Odinga of attempting to divide the nation.

Election day is right around the corner, and we would like to encourage you to join us as we cover the nation of Kenya, the entire voting process, and its leaders in prayer. 

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for peace throughout the nation and among each tribe and politician. 

  • Ask God to give Christians wisdom in how to vote. May they place God-fearing leaders into office. 

  • Pray for protection over all in the country and over any political protests that may occur. 

  • May God’s will be established.


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