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Meet Our Kasten Community Partner

Kasten, a town near Mwingi in central Kenya, is hot and dry. Imagine a place with red dirt as far as the eye can see baking under a hot African sun, with precious few drops of rainwater. This is where Pastor Nicodemus serves. His church family is welcoming and brimming with love and joy. They meet in a simple building with a kitchen next door, three large community water tanks provided by Expansion International, and a grand shade tree.

A spiritual awakening has come to Kasten. People from far and wide were coming to hear the good news of God's love at Nicodemus' church, and eventually, three new churches were born. Now, pastors set out on foot each Friday traveling far into the bush to the new churches that meet under shade trees. These pastors' commitment to sharing God's word with those living in the bush is incredible. It out-shadows any inconvenience that walking a long way may present. But to help, a motorcycle was provided by faithful donors to Expansion International to aid the pastors as they make their weekly commute to serve the people.

Pastor Nicodemus' church water tanks have helped the community during dry times in the past, but Kasten has suffered more than usual for lack of water. The entire region hadn't received a drop for two years. Periodically, the church purchases water to be put into the tanks to serve the community. Recently, two tanks were completely dry, and the third was only a quarter full. Thanks to your generosity, a water truck was hired to fill all three to the brim. We recently received the joyful news that the Lord has sent rain! We praise God for Pastor Nicodemus and his church family who care so well for their neighbors in Jesus' name, both physically and spiritually.


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