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Magumu Clinic Welcomes New Baby

A woman named Ruth, who is a resident of Gwa Kanyua (about 2.5 miles from the Magumu Mercy Medical Center), became pregnant at the beginning of 2020. Even with a healthy pregnancy, she found it hard to balance growing a baby and taking care of her three other kids who were home from school due to the global pandemic. Ruth said, “I made the decision to come to Magumu Mercy Medical Center after a friend who had been treated there told me about their amazing services a few months before I was due. I decided to visit the hospital and when I did, I loved their services from the reception to the maternity and that is when I decided that I would deliver my baby there and even booked my due date.”

Ruth delivered a healthy baby boy named Njenga Muchendu Kiarie at the Mercy Medical Center on December 23rd. "I was so happy and thankful to God for a safe delivery and I am grateful to all the staff members, from the management to the doctors and nurse at the hospital for the amazing services I received. My baby and I were well-taken care of and we left the hospital happy and healthy."

When we hear reports of stories like Ruth’s, we are so thankful to have a clinic that is accessible to people in similar situations as Ruth’s. We are thankful for the generosity of so many of you that have provided the funds necessary to sustain the operations of the Magumu Mercy Medical Center.


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