God's Timing Is Perfect

This truth is near and dear to Jeff and Debbie Marquez. Over 12 years ago, they attended a presentation given by Dr. Marietta Thompson about E.I.’s work and mission trips. Debb is a women’s physical therapist and Jeff is involved in medical sales. Their interest was piqued and their hearts were moved as they heard about the need. During that first presentation, they knew they wanted to go to Kenya and serve.

Africa has been on Debb’s heart since she was seven years old, “I always knew I wanted to go to Africa! I thought maybe one day I would become a trained midwife and go over and help with delivering babies.” All of the dots connected and going to Kenya seemed to be the way they would fulfill this dream to go and serve. Jeff shared with us the impact this presentation had on him. “You start learning about needs and see opportunities for how to meet them. Your first thought is that you are going to go and be missionaries and that is how you are going to make an impact.”

While they thought they would soon be going on a trip to Kenya, God had other plans for their family. Right around the time that Jeff and Debb learned about E.I., they began to pursue adoption. Their story is one of the miraculous, God’s timing and wisdom bringing together a beautiful family. Over the coming years, God weaved together their family, two boys from Ethiopia and a little girl from the United States. “Adoption has filled my heart with a love for being a mom. My heart is to go over one day and take our kids and do mission work as a family.”