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Families Impacting Families

You are the Heartbeat of this Work

Families Impacting Families

Randy and Jackie Langley connected with Expansion International back in 2008 for the first time. After hearing about our medical mission trips, Randy was intrigued and wanted to use his physical therapy skills to serve. He and Jackie decided they were going to go on the next trip to Kenya and bring their entire family along with them! In 2009, Randy and Jackie did just that.

They went to the Kieni refugee camp where, “Everything about that community was in want. I had never seen true lack in every facet before," shares Randy, "like a lack of healthcare, clean water, food, and kids not being in school. But we also saw what true joy and hope could look like. It stuck with us.” 

While Randy expected that he would use his Physical Therapy skills on that trip, God had other plans for him. The need for clean water in this community became very apparent, and he was compelled to do something about it.

Through the coming years, Expansion International was able to help provide portable water filtration systems for everyone in the camp. Many of the health issues that ran rampant before, were no longer a problem. This progress was exciting. Soon after, the residents of the Kieni camp were relocated to Bahati and Subukia.

Eleven years later, this community is well established. Randy rejoices at how different their lives are now. “Their access to health care has improved, their education has improved, their ability to farm and provide for themselves has improved. All these areas of tremendous need have been met, but their fundamental need for a source of clean water remains an issue.” Upon resettlement, the community was harvesting water from a nearby reservoir and treating it so it would be safe to drink. In recent years, this reservoir has proven to be an unreliable source of water. In arid seasons, the water level gets low and the community's water supply is cut off. Randy and his family are heartbroken by this. As Randy felt that pull back in 2009 to address the issue of clean water, he finds himself pulled in that direction again, which is why Randy's clinic, Eagle Physical Therapy, will be matching all donations given towards Expansion International's water projects, up to $2,500 on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

“I would love to see this borewell completed as soon as possible, so that we know for sure water will never be an issue for this community again.” Join Randy and the Giving Tuesday movement to provide access to clean water in Kenya. Learn more about HERE.

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