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Expansion International Africa’s July Medical Outreach

Last month E.I. Africa in partnership with Magumu PEFA Church and the PEFA Mercy Medical Center helped to coordinate a much needed medical outreach in Magumu, Kenya. The temporary clinic was set up at a local church and was in support of the proposed Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic, scheduled to open in 2018.  

Due to the ongoing nurses strike, the demand on this temporary clinic was great. Around 916 patients were treated with medical care. Free examinations, simple procedures, lab and pharmacy services were offered. Many people came for prayer as well. Residents from the outlying areas were also present at the clinic.  Edith and the Expansion International Africa staff worked with a Kenyan medical team of volunteers to help fill in the gap where the community is being severely impacted. Two U.S. team members, Jeanette Johnson and Jim Bunn, also joined the outreach and helped to coordinate the clinic work.  In 2007, Expansion International partnered with PEFA church and others to open the PEFA Ndumberi Mercy Medical Center. It is roughly 2 hours away from the Magumu area and was a partner in hosting this July outreach. This PEFA Ndumberi clinic was also greatly impacted due to the strikes, and has been managing many more patients since the strike began.  This continues to highlight the ongoing need for more staff and viable working health facilities in rural Kenyan communities and is one of the reasons we have been working to implement the PEFA Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic.


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