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Dig Deep Water Update

Last year, the Expansion International community stepped up to help fund a borewell in the community of Bahati. Since then, we have experienced numerous setbacks which have delayed our ability to sink a well in Bahati this year.

Initially, it was anticipated that this project would move forward quickly. We had a location selected and the funds you provided to begin drilling. As the Expansion Africa team continued their research, they learned that the water table at the proposed site would not provide enough water for the two communities the well was to serve. Currently, other options are being explored but as yet, we have not found a solution for year-round clean water access in this area.

The good news is that Bahati experienced a bountiful season of rain this year. Their crops are thriving, and their home catchment tanks are full. The Lord is sustaining them during this season.

Would you commit to praying alongside us for a breakthrough? We trust God will show us a way to provide access to fresh, clean water year-round for these beautiful communities. We ask for wisdom and direction as we look for a permanent solution.

Your donation towards this project will not be spent on anything other than bringing clean water to Bahati. While it is taking longer than we had hoped, we are committed to stewarding your generous gift for clean water until we have found the right solution for Bahati.

Thank you for your compassionate gift for clean water for Bahati and for your prayers.


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