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Dig Deep Project Update

This past year, an army of generous people like you stepped up to help bring clean water to Kenyan communities. By the end of 2020, all of the funds needed to establish a well in the community of Bahati were raised. We now have the privilege of announcing to you that the process of implementing this much needed well is in motion.

In just a few short months hundreds of families will have access to fresh, clean water year-round. Thank you for helping to bring this project so far. We will keep you up to date every step of the way so you can celebrate with us!

PREPARATION: The water committee that will oversee the ongoing maintenance and care of the well has been established. The application to bring power into the community and the application with the government to begin drilling has been sent, and the drilling company has been hired. Our next step while waiting for the applications to be approved is to prepare the land. As we wait for these approvals, will you please link arms with us in prayer over the next few months? It will make such a big difference. The smoother this process goes the sooner water will flow into the community. Thank you for your generosity, faithfulness, and prayers. None of this would be happening without you! God bless you!


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