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Coming Alongside Those in Kenya

Near one of the communities we serve in rural Kenya, there is a medical clinic run by a small staff of caring health professionals. Although they do the best they can with what they have, they’ve been lacking adequate resources to provide consistent care. Medications and tests for malaria, HIV, and diabetes run low and there is currently no maternity care team or equipment to ensure safe delivery for mothers and their newborns.

A small team from Expansion International Africa arrived at the clinic in April with a truckload of supplies. When they pulled in, excitement was in the air! The staff helped unload box after box of medications and supplies, then immediately started organizing them into rooms and onto shelves. One of the nurses told the team that she was cleaning the empty pharmacy shelves just that morning, wondering when they might be resupplied again. Little did she know that it would be that very day! God set His wheels in motion using supporters like you to supply their needs at just the right time.

Expansion’s goal is to come alongside existing clinics in a way that will enhance their services. They already have a fantastic group of people determined to make a difference, but they need help to get a maternity program started. Giving birth is hard enough, so we would like to ensure that mothers and babies are well cared for. A well-equipped and consistently supplied facility right near home is what we hope to provide through God's grace and your generosity.

Come alongside this clinic today by making a one-time gift or monthly donation. Your generosity can impact this entire community.


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