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Clean Water Solutions

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Establishing access to clean water is one of our ongoing health projects, but water impacts more than just health. It effects education, economic development, and one's overall livelihood. Water truly touches every aspect of life.

HEALTH - In Kenya, water and sanitation related diseases are a leading cause of death for children under five years old.

EDUCATION - Access to clean water alleviates the need for young children to fetch water long distances from home. This enables children to attend school and grow into healthy, productive adults.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Water contributes to food security by increasing home garden yields and providing marketable produce and livestock. Without time lost searching for water, adults are free to work, run businesses, and contribute to the local economy.



With your support we have been able to complete the following water projects:



Our goal is to locate a source of sustainable, clean water for the community of Bahati.


Our initial plan was to sink a borewell, install pipes, power, and tanks to achieve the goal. The initial hydrological survey we received gave us reason to believe that there was more than enough water on E.I.A.’s property in Bahati to supply this need.

We contacted Charity: Water, an organization that has provided clean water access worldwide. They suggested a company they use in the Rift Valley to provide a secondary analysis before drilling.

They advised us not to drill where we initially intended. The volume of water would not be enough to serve the entire community.


Since then, the director of Expansion International Africa, Edith Njenga, and her team have been seeking other long-term solutions for this community.

The Bahati water committee suggested fixing the current source of water, a reservoir that currently pipes water into the community. The problem with water from the reservoir is that it is silty, often contaminated because of exposure, and is intermittent. However, a plan to de-silt, filter, and clean the water is being implemented. New pipes would be laid, and the existing piping would continue to provide water for crops in the community. We have requested that the government join this work since the reservoir serves the entire region.

In the meantime, the Lord has provided rain for several seasons, and each family has a home catchment tank. There is a community tank as well.



Thank you for your generosity in helping bring clean water to the community of Bahati. As we wait for the best solution, will you please pray with us for safe, clean drinking water to flow into Bahati and the surrounding communities?

If you would like to contribute to this project and provide the life-giving gift of clean, flowing water, just click on the link below.


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