Clean Water Solutions

Updated: Jan 22

Establishing access to clean water is one of our ongoing health projects, but water impacts more than just health. It effects education, economic development, and one's overall livelihood. Water truly touches every aspect of life.

HEALTH - In Kenya, water and sanitation related diseases are a leading cause of death for children under five years old.

EDUCATION - Access to clean water alleviates the need for young children to fetch water long distances from home. This enables children to attend school and grow into healthy, productive adults.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Water contributes to food security by increasing home garden yields and providing marketable produce and livestock. Without time lost searching for water, adults are free to work, run businesses, and contribute to the local economy.


One of our main water projects is to install a borewell in Gituamba, the rural farming community just outside Bahati, for year-round clean water access. This lays the groundwork for a water system that will allow 2,000 residents and two local schools to receive water and electricity in the future.

Guitamba's current source of water from a nearby dam is often dry and the dam water is silty and contaminated with E. coli and fecal matter, making it unsuitable for drinking. Many residents have been able to harvest rainwater from tanks and gutters given to them by Expansion International. But this only provides for them during the short rainy monsoon season. Crop production and hygiene have suffered for those living in Bahati (Gituamba) as water is typically being used solely for cooking and drinking.

A borewell has the potential to completely transform this small farming community plus impact up to 5,000 more people in the surrounding area. Thanks to your generous support we are able to start the process of sinking a borewell and bringing Gituamba's water to the surface! We have just begun, but will keep you updated on the progress of this life-changing project as it unfolds.


The process of establishing clean water solutions in the communities where we work will be an ongoing process. Besides our main project of sinking a borewell in Gituamba Farm, just outside Bahati, we are also working on the following clean water solutions.

If you would like to contribute to this project and provide the life-giving gift of clean, flowing water, just click on the link below.