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Clean Water for Hosanna

Hosanna Children's Home, located in Githunguri, Kenya, is one of our community partners. It was initially started as a way to provide shelter for children living on the streets. Today it houses over forty children, and an additional twenty come to the home for meals. Pastor Isaac, his wife, and their staff run the home and deeply care for each child as if they were their own.

Our Assistant Director, Danika Langley, was able to visit Hosanna this past April with her father, Randy, who serves on the Board. She took note of the nurturing culture that is fostered there. "Isaac is the kindest person. He welcomed us in and was interested to know how we were doing. He cares so deeply about each child."

Over the years, E.I. has assisted Hosanna with emergency funds, high school sponsorships, and hosting medical missions and VBS ministries at their facility. Hosanna does a great job of creating income-generating farming for the home.

Although Hosanna's water supply is plentiful, the groundwater is contaminated with high levels of iron and sodium, making it unhealthy to drink. But, thanks to a generous donation made by One Four Group, the Langleys let Isaac know that a filtration system would be provided. "Isaac was so grateful when we told him," Danika remembers. He said, "This is such a huge blessing for us. We are so thankful."


Thank you, One Four Group, for caring deeply about providing clean water to those in need in Kenya.


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