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Because Giving Birth is Hard Enough!

Imagine giving birth at home with no medical support or going into labor on the side of the road all because you couldn't make it to a maternity clinic. This story is all too familiar for many women in rural Kenya. But we have an opportunity to see that change!

This Idaho Gives which runs May 2nd - 5th, our goal is to raise $13,500 for maternity care in rural Kenya so that mamas have a safe, reliable place to have their babies. After all, let's face it... giving birth is hard enough!


Here is How You Can Help:

  • Spread The Word - Help us get the word out that together we can make a difference in the lives of mamas in rural Kenya. We invite you to share our social media content the week of May 2nd - 5th with friends or family.

  • Give - Starting May 2nd, you can donate at our Idaho Gives campaign page below. Because everyone deserves quality, compassionate care.


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