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Bahati's Turn for Water Tanks

Here's some great news! Single moms and the elderly in Guitamba Farm near Bahati are having concrete platforms poured beside their homes to hold their new water catchment tanks. 

Just like they did in Subukia, neighbors are helping to build the stands to hold the tanks, then gutters and piping will be installed. The tanks will be in place well before the anticipated fall rains. These families are so very grateful. 

With donations received since May, we were able to send funds to purchase 17 more catchment tanks in addition to the 40 already installed in Subukia. EIA Director, Edith, reports that "We got a good dollar exchange rate and were also able to get them at a good price."

God has shown Himself to be incredibly faithful even during the pandemic. Because He's shed His love into the hearts of His people, many continue to give to meet the needs of others they may never meet. What a blessing each of you are to us and to those we serve. 


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