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A Heart of Generosity

Kay Anderson is a long-time friend of Expansion International and a key volunteer for the 2 Mustard Seeds sale. She got connected with Expansion International in 2006 through ladies at Eagle Nazarene Church. “I was helping with Kinder-3rd grade and would do crafts with the kids before Sunday school. Jeanette Johnson invited me to Kenya to do Children’s ministry. She told me the story about the people living in the forest, and I felt the Lord calling me to go. That’s how it got started.”

Kay has gone on four trips to Kenya. This work touched her heart and she has remained a faithful volunteer and friend to Expansion International for over a decade. Every year, Kay rallies an army of ladies with fabulous closets around this sale. “A lot of people appreciate being involved in something bigger than themselves. Each summer ladies ask me about the sale and want to help! Friends, and friends of friends give me clothes to donate for the sale. When you hear the story, how could you not?” We can always count on Kay and her friends to bring in lovely items for this sale! Chances are, one of the stellar items you grabbed at the sale last week made its way to your closet because of Kay’s efforts!

Aside from gathering donations, you’ll find Kay manning the jewelry table at the sale, “I kind of got stuck in the jewelry section the first year and have stayed there ever since. I love it because you get so much one on one interaction with the people that come through!”

From serving in Kenya to gathering gorgeous clothes for the 2 Mustard Seeds sale, to helping you find that perfect piece of jewelry at the sale, Kay’s generosity of heart is making a huge impact in the lives of kids in Kenya.

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