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Your "Yes" Makes all the Difference

Sixteen-year-old Cyrus lived with his mother and younger sister in the community of Riabai, near Ndumberi. Living in a single-parent home, they struggled to make ends meet. Cyrus enjoyed playing football and field hockey and loved helping others. Cyrus was often sent home from school because his mother could not keep up with the fees. He dreamt of going to a university to pursue a meaningful career, but how would that happen if he couldn't even stay in class? So, Cyrus and his mother put their faith in God, and soon, their prayers would be answered.

Some help with school fees would lift a significant burden off of the family, so Cyrus applied for assistance through Expansion International's education program. He was placed on a waiting list until someone in America said, "yes.” Finally, Cyrus could stay in school.

Once enrolled, Cyrus was at peace. "I was able to concentrate on my studies, and my mother was able to concentrate on educating my junior sibling. Life changed all of a sudden!”

Today, Cyrus is in his fourth year at Moi University pursuing a Bachelor of Education Arts and Christian Education. He still desires to help and mentor others and has plans to become a teacher after he graduates. "During my free time, I assist my neighbor's children with assignments. I really enjoy teaching."

"To be honest," Cyrus reflects, "I would have dropped out of school. I really can't imagine where I would be right now. Education is transformative…It changes the life of a person."

Cyrus is just one example of hundreds of lives transformed through our Education Sponsorship Program. We are thrilled to see how far God has taken Cyrus from a boy struggling to stay in school to a young man preparing to teach.


Become a Sponsor

You can make a lasting impact in a young person's life, like Cyrus', by saying "yes" to sponsorship. Here are a few students waiting for a sponsor like you.

Feel free to visit our sponsorship portal below to see all available students.


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