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The Ladies Spring Clothing Sale was a Success!

Although the weather created a few challenges for us, the Ladies Spring Scholarship sale reached our goal of 5 High School Scholarships for Kenya!

This will impact students greatly, as each scholarship will provide tuition, school fees, books, uniforms, plus room & board when applicable, for an entire school year. 

Many thanks to those of you that stopped by and supported this wonderful event. We are also excited to have met so many new friends interested in coming alongside our organization. Because of you, 5 more Kenyan students have the life-changing opportunity to go to high school.

We could not have finished as strong as we did without the incredible help of Kenny Pittman and Eagle Nazarene for providing the tents. Thanks also to our volunteers: Teresa Pittman, Missy Veek, Jackie Baiya, Anna and Libby Veek, Audrey Martin and Jessie Owsley.  We also appreciate Ed Veek and Dean Martin for their service setting up and breaking it all down. 

We would like to thank Denny Johnson for our new storage bins that made clean up a breeze, and a special thanks to the Brookwood HOA for allowing us to create our own Kenyan Clubhouse in Eagle for the weekend!


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