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The Ndumberi Children's Community Center

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The Need in Ndumberi, Kenya

The small town of Ndumberi is one of eight communities in Kenya where Expansion currently works. The community has an estimated population of 22,000 and its residents have been adversely affected by social and economic problems.

The Original Ndumberi Children's Community Center

In 1995 the current children's center in Ndumberi started as a feeding program to 75 children that was supported by the local PEFA Ndumberi church as well as PEFA Mercy Ministries. Over the years additional services were added such as feeding programs and training programs. However, now with over 350 children being served the facilities have not been able to keep up with the growing needs.

The New Numberi Children's Community Center

In June 2022, Expansion began work on the new Ndumberi Children’s Community Center. The center will be a resource to help families break free of the cycle of poverty through spiritual, physical and vocational support in a safe Christian environment. Helping to provide these resources will improve the wellbeing of individuals and lead to transforming communities. Educating young people will greatly contribute to bringing families out of poverty and contribute to the development of Kenya.

About the New Center:

The Center will include the following services:

  • Afterschool and weekend classes for preschool, primary and high school students

  • Weekend events for children

  • Study rooms for students

  • Counseling for children, parents and students

  • Computer access and computer training classes

  • Other vocational training classes

  • Library for book resources and research

  • Community events

  • Recreational facility for student games and sports

  • Safe rooms for children rescued from abusive situations

  • Adult education in parenting and other life skills

  • Nutritious meals

  • Training on good hygiene

  • Spiritual training for children

The building will also house the EIA offices, helping them to reduce their operational costs.

Where We Are Now

Together we have an opportunity to build a better future for the entire community.

We are committed to this project for the next few years and trust God to bring in the funding necessary to make this new center a reality. But we need your help!

Join us in building a better future for the children of Ndumberi! Make a one-time donation to this amazing project, or an annual pledge of any size, below.


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