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Thank You - From Kenya

Receive a greeting from me. I hope that you are well. I, together with my family, are good and we have been blessed. Despite the pandemic that has been rampant, God has protected us and we are all healthy. Next year, I will be completing my high school education whereby I will sit for my national examinations. I am targeting a mean grade of A-. I plan to join the university and pursue a career in medicine. I will do my best to ensure that my dreams come to reality.

I thank you so much for supporting me. You have indeed impacted my life in a positive way. Not only have you assisted me financially, but you have also molded me to become a well-rounded person. I have grown spiritually and psychologically through the various conferences I have attended. You have also taught me the virtue of giving back to society and I promise to lend a helping hand always to the less fortunate. May God bless you.

Yours faithfully,


(A 12th grader in our education program)


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