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Honoring Pam Flora


Local Treasure Valley artist, Pam Flora, has been one of our incredible volunteers and supporters for many years, giving of her time and talents to benefit the work in Kenya. She first connected with Expansion through our Executive Director, Arlene Hardy and her sister.

Through the years, Pam has donated art pieces and commissions from her work to Expansion. This year, Pam wanted to do even more.

"With the health challenges I've faced and COVID happening, I've been home a lot, so I asked God, what do I do? He made it so clear. Just paint!"

Pam picked up her brush and began to paint with renewed purpose, and the result was remarkable. On May 13th, she and her husband, Jeff, hosted a backyard art sale featuring over 50 beautiful paintings and unique jewelry pieces. Pam wanted to do something like this for some time, and this year the Lord made it clear the time was now.

Many friends and neighbors came to this three-hour event to support their friend's dream. It was a wonderful time of shared friendship and love. Three days later, on May 16th, Pam went home to be with Jesus.

Pam's beautiful pieces raised over $11,000 for the ministry she dearly loved. This will support the construction of a new children's community center in Ndumberi where families will be impacted for generations to come all because Pam said yes when God asked her to pick up her brush and paint.

We are honored by Pam's life and generosity. She is greatly missed!


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