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Two Reasons to Shop 2MS

Two Mustard Seeds (2MS) is an extension of Expansion's education program. Whenever a Kenyan church financially supports a teen's high school education, the 2MS program matches it, hence the name 2 Mustard Seeds.

Pastor Mwangi decided to join the 2MS matching program because she recognized a significant need in her community. "One of the biggest challenges we face within our community is that many of our children are brilliant but have difficulty raising school fees."

If you are looking for a reason to shop at this year's sale, here are two - Racheal and Mitchelle from Pastor Mwangi's church in Kenya.

"When I finally achieve my dream, I'll help my family overcome the struggles they've been going through. I'll be able to better the lives of others just as Expansion has done for me."

"I thank God for Expansion International for transforming my life. If not for you, I could have ended up in the streets helpless and without a future."


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