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TUYEP's Second Cohort Recognized as Change Agents

Updated: May 11, 2023

Join us in congratulating the TUYEP cohort of 2023 for completing their three-month training program! During this time, they studied life skills, core business practices, and digital literacy. They also participated in a transformative bible study every day before class. What we've cherished so much about this cohort is their open mind and eagerness to grow. Every day, with perfect attendance from all, they showed up ready to learn.

To honor their hard work, a certificate ceremony was held on May 4th. Parents, friends, teachers, local government representatives, and Expansion staff were in attendance. Seeing the entire community come together to celebrate their accomplishments was truly a delight.

During the event, students and parents got an opportunity to share the impact that the TUYEP program has had on their lives.

Student Joseph said, "During the life skills lessons, I discovered how important it is to understand 'who I am'. Before, if someone had asked me, I would just tell them my name. However, after covering self-identity and awareness, I discovered that I am much more than my name. My personality, my values, my strengths, and my weakness define who I am and influence how I relate with others. I also discovered my identity in Christ and will no longer let the world define me. I am now on a journey of leveraging my strengths to succeed in life while dealing with my weakness with God's help. TUYEP has had a great impact on me. May God bless everyone who made this possible".

Grace's father remarks, "When Grace was in high school, I was very concerned with her academic performance. While in TUYEP, teachers helped her uncover her talents, and she discovered she was gifted in hairdressing. She started practicing the skill and would even braid her friends' hair on Saturdays to make a little extra money. With mentorship guidance, she applied for a six-month course in hairdressing and successfully qualified for admission. I cannot wait to see her flourish in this area. I will be forever grateful to EIA for this program and the trainers who gave each student personal attention through the program".

Furthermore, the assistant County Commissioner got up and shared her appreciation for Expansion. She stated that TUYEP has transformed the local area and that its students have become change agents in the community. To honor and thank the program, the local government donated 19 tree seedlings to be planted around the TUYEP center.

Isn't it extraordinary to see what your generosity is doing, not only in an individual's life but in an entire community? Thank you for your generosity. Whether you're a part of TheLIFT or have given directly to education, the TUYEP students and their community are better off because of you.

These students are change agents, but this is only the beginning. All have identified the courses and programs that they would like to go on to. Currently, eight of them have already received their admission letters and will be reporting to school by mid-May. We pray that all of them will be successful and that the ripple effect of the program will continue to be felt in the Subukia community.


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