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Student Leadership Conference Highlights

Updated: May 31, 2023

On April 27th, 2023, 156 high school students from all over the country traveled to Naivasha, Kenya, to attend Expansion International's 10th annual Student Leadership Conference, which was a great success!

This year's four-day conference theme was 'Running the Race With Perseverance.' The students listened to several mighty sermons and sat in on a handful of illuminating teachings. The sessions covered self-identity and relationships, the pros and cons of the digital world, and mental health. There was a revival night, a talent show, and even a soccer match.

And while there were countless note-worthy moments, we wanted to share our top two favorite highlights with you. The first was when the students broke into small groups at the end of day three. Each conference leader took 25 students and opened up a safe space for the students to dialog about the topics they'd been learning about. The students were engaged, asked great questions, and appreciated being able to talk to an adult about these typically taboo topics.

A student who would like to remain anonymous said, "I am so grateful for the topic of mental health and how different habits contribute to it. I have been struggling with a certain addiction, but now I understand its negative impact on my spiritual and mental wellness. I promise that with the help of God, I will stop that habit starting today. Thank you, Dr. Wandere (speaker), for allowing God to use you to transform my life."

The second highlight happened Sunday morning after a powerful sermon when ten students gave their lives to Jesus! Countless others were cleanly convicted of stewarding their lives in a way that honors God and their bodies. Anne said, "The lesson on the importance of guarding the gates to our souls has been eye-opening for me. From today going forward, I will be careful about what I watch, listen to, and the words I speak."

These two testimonies don't even scratch the surface of all that happened. We praise Jesus for every heart that was touched, every seed that was planted, and life that was transformed. Thank you, Expansion family. Yes, you. Your generosity is what made this fantastic weekend a reality! You've planted hope in the hearts of Kenya's next generation. Well done.


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