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Stepping Into Your Destiny With Courage

This past week Expansion International Africa hosted our 10th Annual Student Leadership Conference in Kenya. This was our largest conference yet, with 160 students in attendance. Their days together were full of joy, freedom, and the tangible presence of God.

Expansion's annual Student Leadership Conference is a three-day event that invites students from all over Kenya to come together to seek the Lord and find encouragement for their studies. There are various guest speakers, workshops, times of devotion and worship, and fun outdoor activities.

This year’s theme was “Stepping Into Your Destiny With Courage.” This year's speakers included our President, Evans Baiya, our Education Director, Jeanette Johnson, and our Assistant Director, Danika Langley, visiting from Boise, Idaho.

Some of the topics discussed were our identity in Christ, living purposely through our profession, using creativity and innovation to influence our destiny, and the road to personal success through goal setting.

The students left knowing that, first and foremost, they are children of God, who has a beautiful plan for them! They were encouraged to create and think beyond what they see because they have a creative God of limitless possibility. They learned that when they follow God's plan, their lives can improve and significantly impact the communities where they live, even influencing their world.

We love spending time with these future student-leaders and building relationships with them. We know they are intelligent and that their future and even the future of their nation is bright because of them.

Thank you for supporting the education program and making life-changing events like the annual Student Leadership Conference possible.


The photos from the above article were taken by Justus Wanjiku, a former sponsorship student who is now working as a photographer.


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