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New Things Are on the Horizon

You know that feeling you get before going somewhere you’ve dreamt about? That’s just how we feel about this new year. Things we’ve been praying for are about to happen, and we are excited!

There are great happenings on the horizon, but some important things will never change. Offering hope through the good news of Jesus Christ and being a ministry that helps transform the hopeless into the most hope-filled people on the planet is what Expansion is all about. So, we’ll continue to support medical outreaches, students, teachers, community leaders, and clean water solutions for all of our community partners. These great things will keep going and growing. But here are some new things that really have us jumping.

Construction of the Ndumberi Children’s Center will begin this month. Thank you for making this happen!

Our new Tujijenge Youth Empowerment Program (TUYEP) will provide teens with opportunities to develop spiritually and personally in a new community center located in Subukia that will house this and other community-centered programs. As sports evangelism outreaches continue, we anticipate more teens coming to Christ as the Good News is shared at volleyball and football practices and competitions. And we’re really excited to see more and more girls move from the sidelines onto all-female teams competing at this year’s President’s Cup competition.

We invite you to stay connected with us throughout the year. Our monthly newsletter will celebrate what’s going on, take you to new places, and introduce you to some extraordinary people along the way. Thank you for joining us in this great work. Together, we are Expansion International. 2022, here we come! Get ready to go places with us!


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