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Mentorship Forum Success!

Join us in congratulating Expansion's high school scholarship beneficiaries who recently graduated! We are so unbelievably proud of all their efforts and can't thank YOU enough for helping make it happen.

After every graduation, the Expansion International Africa (EIA) team holds a Mentorship Forum for the students in our communities. The presenters coach students about making career choices and adapting to life after school. This February, the EIA team held five forums and had 111 attendees! This is huge given that 50 of those were family and friends of the students. Everyone who came was grateful. Valentine, one of the students from Magumu, said,

"I am grateful to EIA for motivating and encouraging us. This forum has helped me understand that there are many options for this next phase of life."

Again, thank you for your generosity. None of this would be possible without YOU!


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