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Looking Ahead in Hope



We invite you to come along with us on a joy-filled journey of faith and anticipation as we witness the unfolding goodness of the Lord in 2021. Your partnership and prayer fuels everything we hope to accomplish in the coming months, and we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for making the following possible.



  • Serve the people of Magumu by assisting with operational funding. Sixty percent of funds needed to keep the clinic open have been pledged, thanks to people like you, our generous supporters

  • Provide clean water access to the community of Bahati by installing a well. Funds for this project are raised, and the drilling process will begin in the coming weeks

  • Begin a health care and maternity program in Subukia, a region that desperately needs a place for mothers to give birth

  • Expand healthcare services in and around Bahati by providing a second travel nurse to help serve the growing population



  • Empower high school and college students with education sponsorships, virtual mentorship conferences, internships, skill development, and vocational training

  • Share the Gospel with young people in Subukia and Bahati through sports outreaches



  • Equip leaders and entrepreneurs in Bahati and Subukia with agricultural and business training

  • Further develop local water company formation and training in water systems maintenance



Please join us as we pray for funding for the construction of the new Children’s Community Center located in the township of Ndumberi. You may recall that in 2019 the land was purchased and we hoped to begin construction in 2020 on this center that would help enhance and transform this community. The plans included early child development programs, training and education opportunities for all ages, library resources, and much more. But COVID-19 hit, and our plans had to be put on hold. Our focus has returned to the construction of this much-needed center which we anticipate being a multi-year building project. We will keep you informed as we proceed, but will you join us as we pray for a quick solution to this community's need for total transformation out of poverty?

We are excited for all that God will do in the coming days, and we are so grateful to do this with you! Thank you for linking arms with us.

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