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2017 Sunday School Teachers Conference

This year’s Sunday School Teachers Conference was attended by approximately 115 men and women. Five of our EI/EIA Board members were able to greet them at the conference and thank them for their commitment to helping kids come to know and love God. The teachers were excited to learn and to become better equipped to teach children about Jesus. 

Since the first conference sponsored by Expansion International in 2009, the Kenyan PEFA Church has progressively taken ownership of this conference and are now fully engaged in organizing and carrying out the event. Expansion was able to provide scholarships for over 40 teachers, making it possible for them to attend. We were also able to supply each teacher with resource training materials and supplies. 

We want to thank everyone who donated to help make this event a reality. Your support provided a way for as many teachers as possible to participate. We greatly appreciate your response of generosity. This conference will have a far-reaching powerful impact on children throughout Kenya. 



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