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We Extend Our Heartfelt Thanks to Dr. David Gee for His Dedication and Service

After years of devoted service to Expansion International, we say goodbye to Dr. David Gee as our Treasurer on the Board of Directors and the Director of the Economic Committee.

Dr. Gee has been a tremendous asset to the Board with his business background and medical gifting. He has a heart for seeing the people of rural Kenya become self-sufficient through the development of economic programs.

During his time with Expansion, Dr. Gee and his family have also served the people of Kenya with several medical missions; bringing training, education and medical solutions to many patients in the rural communities where Expansion International works. As well, Dr. Gee was an important part of implementing training for leaders at the annual Leadership Conference held in Kenya. Dr. Gee plans to remain as a member of the Economic Committee.

Thank you, Dr. Gee, for your remarkable service to our organization, and for your gracious heart towards the people of Kenya!

Randy Langley, a current Board Member, will be taking over the position of Treasurer on the Board of Directors. 


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