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The Ndumberi Children's Center

In 1993, the PEFA Ndumberi Church started a feeding program that served approximately 75 children in their community each weekend. Although it started as a simple feeding program for young moms and their kids, it has now changed into something quite transformative for the entire community.

As more and more children came, the need for more space became apparent, so they moved into their own building and the Ndumberi Children's Development Center was established. This single-story building has served the children of the community faithfully. Eventually, a children’s education component was added to the feeding program, which has been a great help to working parents. However, the center has been operating far beyond capacity for many years.

Expansion International was approached by the PEFA Mercy Ministries (PMM) board of directors to help build a new comprehensive center, that will serve all ages within the community. Just a few hundred yards down the street, Expansion and PMM purchased land for what we are calling the new Ndumberi Children's Community Center that is now under construction. The goal of this new center will be to break cycles of poverty by providing opportunities in a secure, supportive, stable Christian environment where people can develop and thrive.

The faithfulness of this humble church to steadfastly serve its children has grown over the years into something that will surely impact the entire Ndumberi community including its future generations.

“One who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much..." - Luke 16:10

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