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Raising the Next Generation Takes a Village!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Last month our staff in Kenya held a Young Adult Parenting meeting in five of our communities that sponsor high school students and had 94 attendees! The meeting had three sessions; the importance of mental health, nurturing young adults and preparing for the future.

The parents and community enjoyed all three, but the crowd favorite was mental health. They discussed the importance of good mental health, signs of poor mental health, common mental disorders, and outlined various ways to combat everyday struggles.

For instance, they encouraged people to meditate on God's word, learn to love and show kindness to themselves, forgive others, make time for joy, and seek mentors! And in the case of depression, they advised people to seek professionals to help.

Additionally, the staff reminded the attendees that they needed to care for their mental health, as well. That caring for their mental health was just as important, if not more impactful, in guiding the youth. The best way to lead is by example!

Parents appreciated the sessions and expressed gratitude to Expansion International for organizing the class. Grace from our Bahati community said,


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