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Mercy and Peter Say Thank You!

Read About Their Education Journey

Siblings, Mercy and Peter, entered our Education Program in 2017 as Form 2 students (sophomores) from the community of Ndumberi. Today, they are high school graduates with marks that enable them to attend university. Sponsors have stepped up to help them achieve their dreams by paying for their first term of university after which they will be able to apply for a government grant for the remainder of their education.

Mercy and Peter’s mother, Alice, could not be more thankful for the generosity of sponsors like you and the support they received for their children’s education.

"When Mercy and Peter were to first join high school, my husband had been involved in a serious road accident and we were really struggling financially. I remember praying to God that He would make a way for us so my children could join high school. God came through for us and made a way through Expansion International. I am very grateful."

Mercy and Peter told us they were able to attend school stress-free because they did not carry the burden of wondering where their tuition would come from. This enabled them to focus on their studies and do very well. Mercy will be studying Project Management and Planning at Jomo Kenyatta University and Peter will be studying Analytical Chemistry.

They are both immensely thankful for the opportunity they were given to receive a high school education because of people just like you. The trajectory of their lives changed because people like you stepped up to support their education. Thank you!

You can learn more about our Education Sponsorship Program HERE.

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