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Meet Education Sponsor, Gayle Keating

Gayle Keating initially learned about Expansion International from a colleague while helping collect medical supplies for E.I.'s mission outreaches. And thus, a wonderful friendship between Gayle and Expansion blossomed.

For five years now, Gayle has been an education sponsor, and she had helped four students finish high school. "When I heard about the sponsorship program, I got excited!" Writing back and forth with her current student, Metuo, reminds Gayle of her childhood pen-pal from Japan, who opened her eyes to cultural differences. "It was so much fun to learn about her."

We are thankful that Gayle said yes to sponsorship. "I'm grateful to be able to do this. I get so much joy from providing the opportunity for students to learn alongside their peers."

YOU can experience that same joy from interacting with a student in Kenya. Say YES to sponsorship today! Click the link to see our student waitlist.


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