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Education Mentorship

November can be a stressful time for Kenyan high school students as they await the results of their finals that determine their educational future. Some will move on to university and others will not. Those who cannot may be averse to vocational training thinking they have failed. This is where our mentoring program begins.

It is our desire to help students and their families along their path to adulthood by bringing teens and parents together as a group each year to discuss viable options for their future. They will hear from other recent graduates and from caring adults including pastors, career counselors, local professionals, and university and trade school representatives who are equipped to offer solutions for families.

Helping students through this transition into higher learning either at a university or a trade school is critical at this stage in their development. In addition, helping young people transition well is important so we do not lose the influence and impact we’ve made in each life after many years of investment into their education through our high school sponsorship program.


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