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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my registration cover?

    • Registration for the YMCA’s Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon

    • A T-shirt from the YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon

    • A T-shirt from Team Pamoja

  • How do I fundraise?/Will you give me some guidance?

    • Fundraising materials: We will provide you with a peer-to-peer fundraising page, materials you can send out to your friends and family, and email and social media templates.

    • Direct support from our fundraising staff: We appreciate you offering your time and love to help benefit Expansion International in this way and want it to be an AWESOME experience. We are here to help every step of the way. If you have any fundraising questions, email

  • Is there a minimum amount I need to fundraise?

    • No minimum is required! We do ask that you put your heart into fundraising just as much as you do the training. It will make a big difference in a lot of lives! 

  • Who/what am I helping by joining Team Pamoja?

    • You are transforming lives in Kenya. The money you raise will help make an impact in eight communities Expansion International works with. Expansion International serves communities by providing health care, education, and economic assistance. Your fundraising can help put students through high school, provide medicines to families in need, and so much more!

  • I’ve never run a race before! Where do I start?

  • Is there any age restriction? 

    • All ages are welcome!

  • Do I have to run the whole way?

    • No! You can walk or do a combination of running and walking. For information on run-walk methods, check out Jeff Galloway’s website for more information 

  • Can my family and friends come and watch it?

    • Yes, yes, yes! Encourage them to learn the course and cheer you on along the way!

  • What time does the race start and where? What distance?

    • Marathon & Half Marathon – 7 am – Sandy Point State Park (Lucky Peak) Take the shuttle!

    • The Sandy Point State Park entrance will be closed to traffic at 6:45 am!!

    • 10K & 5K - 10 am - Albertson’s Headquarters off Parkcenter Blvd. 

  • Which T-shirt should I wear?

    • Please wear your Team Pamoja T-shirt at the race. You will have a Famous Idaho Potato bib number to put on your T-shirt. If people ask, you’re participating in changing lives in Kenya!

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