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The 2 Mustard Seeds Sale was a Success

Because of you, the 6th Annual 2 Mustard Seeds Resale Event, held from Sept. 13-15th, 2018, was a great success! Thank you all for shopping with us at 2 Mustard Seeds. Our volunteers, all who donated, and our amazing guests made this year's sale the best one yet!

Thanks to you, we will continue to offer educational support to Kenyan teens eager to begin the new school year. Education gives such hope to struggling families and honors the God-given gifting of each 2MS recipient. The sale proceeds will help us move closer towards the goal of purchasing another rental property and generating self-sustaining matching scholarship funds for the 2 Mustard Seeds Program.

We could not have had this amazing event without your help. Thanks so much for partnering with us to help make a difference in the lives of students in Kenya. YOU are making a difference!

To stay connected to any future sales, you can “Like” our 2 Mustard Seeds page on Facebook or contact us if you would like to be added to the 2 Mustard Seeds mailing list!


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