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Sponsors Needed

Less than 50% of Kenyan teens finish high school.

In Kenya, high school tuition is paid by the government, but many rural families are unable to afford the non-tuition costs of books, uniforms, and required fees for lunches. This leaves young people without options for the future, becoming vulnerable to things like drug and alcohol abuse, involvement with gangs, human trafficking, and homelessness.

Education assistance greatly impacts a young person’s life. Attending high school gives them time to mature, and provides opportunities for students to attend a university or find better employment, helping them break free from a cycle of poverty. Students who wish to go to a university face additional challenges, because their best chance of gaining acceptance comes from attending a boarding high school, where tuition is not provided fully by the government.

Would you consider becoming an Education Program Sponsor?

There are 5 Kenyan high school teens in particular on our list that have been interviewed and assessed and are waiting to be sponsored for the 2019 school year.

Our sponsorship covers fees, books, uniforms, and tuition for boarding school students. $390 a year or $32.50 per month helps make a real difference in a student’s future by keeping Kenyan teens enrolled in school.

Email us at for more information on how you can become a sponsor and change a student’s life.


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