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Our Family is made up of monthly givers who help bring sustainable, life-changing transformation to individuals and communities in Kenya, Africa.

As a member of Our Family, you are standing with us in our mission to see communities in rural Kenya transformed. You have a seat at our table, are given the inside scoop as to what is going on in Kenya, and are making an impact in the lives of your brothers and sisters across the globe.


Our Family is passionate about access to health care and clean water, teens finishing high school, and sustainable economic solutions. Above all, we are unified and bonded together by a common desire--to see communities transformed through the love of Jesus Christ.

Join Our Family and help bring transformation through your monthly support.


Supports the Mercy Medical Clinic as it moves towards sustainability


Enables us to meet various project needs as they arise


Provides a sponsorship for a Kenyan high school student


Supports our ongoing work in Kenya