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You can help us bring clean water access to communities in rural Kenya.

Together we are
Expansion International

We are a Christian nonprofit that partners with Kenyan communities and people like YOU to bring about transformation through the love of Jesus. We focus on the following three areas.

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Gladys was given a second chance at life after being resettled from a refugee camp. However, the lack of clean, accessible water now threatens her family's quality of life.

Read Her story below


Gladys' Story

Gladys has overcome many hardships in her short life including being born with one hand, suffering from tribal violence, growing up in a
refugee camp, then becoming a single mother of three.​

She was given a second chance in life when she was resettled in the community of Guitamba just outside Bahati where Gladys now has a home and a plot of land to farm. However, the lack of clean, accessible water continuously threatens her family’s quality of life in a serious way.

On a typical day, Gladys gets her children ready for school then goes to draw water before going to work in the fields. Even though she was given a water tank to collect rain during the short-lived monsoon season, the water she finds the rest of the year from the local reservoir is contaminated by bacteria and murky with silt. Gladys, like so many others, struggles to keep her children free of waterborne illness from drinking the only water available.

This need for clean water does not have to continue because there is water 900 feet beneath Guitamba. Won’t you join us in bringing this water to the surface? As Gladys says, “With a borewell, we would be able to grow crops for sale and keep chickens or pigs. With water, our lives would be so different!"

We are passionate about providing clean water so that families in Kenya, like Gladys' can thrive. Will you help us with this mission?

Why Water?

Establishing access to clean water is one of our ongoing health projects, but water impacts more than just health. It affects education, economic development, and one's overall livelihood. Water truly touches every aspect of life.

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Clean water protects children and families from bacterial infection caused by drinking contaminated water.

Water contributes to food security by increasing home garden yields and providing marketable produce and livestock. Without time lost searching for water, adults are free to work, run businesses, and contribute to the local economy.

Access to clean water alleviates the need for young children to fetch water long distances from home. This enables children to attend school and grow into healthy, productive adults.

#GivingTuesday FAQ

What is Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity that is taking place on December 1, 2020. It is a day celebrated across the globe which encourages people to give, do good, and celebrate generosity.

How will my Gift be matched this #GivingTuesday?

This year, every donation made towards water on or before December 1st will be generously matched by Eagle Physical Therapy and an anonymous donor up to $7,500. Use the link below, to double your impact today!

What does my gift this #GivingTuesday go towards?

This year we plan to #DigDeep and raise funds to help improve access to clean water in rural Kenyan communities where we work. One of the many projects we have been raising funding for is the installation of a borewell in Gituamba, the rural farming community just outside Bahati. All #GivingTuesday donations today will go towards improving clean water access.

How can I help spread the Word?

Help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family via email or your social media channels, or share our social media posts with your friends on December 1, 2020. Together we can #DigDeep and raise funds for clean water.

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